How to Buy

The green barley can be ordered online via EMS (International) or via

domestic courier services (e.g. JRS, LBC) in Philippines.

It is important to note that green barley product does not sell it in discounted
prices. Actual price vary only by location, either within Metro Manila, or outside
Metro Manila, that includes Provinces and Abroad.

For Non-member,

Retail price of 1 Green Barley bottle is PHP 275.00 (within Manila Area)
PHP 300.00 (Outside Manila Area)

For Member:

Retail price of 1 Green Barley bottle is PHP 214.10 (within Manila Area)
PHP 227.50 (Outside Manila Area)

Box Price:
Actual price of 1 Box (containing 28 Green Barley Bottles) is PHP 5995.00 (Within Manila Area)
PHP 6370.00 (Outside Manila Area)

Ordering Information:

To order 1 box, just fill up the Ordering Form on the Order Online page.
This entitles you to automatically be a Member, and gives you the privilege of becoming a Dealer
as well.

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